Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

1: When do leagues start?  Summer 2018 Leagues start up the week of July 2nd-6th. (no matches on Wednesday July 4th).  Leagues run eight weeks, plus a week of playoffs.

2: How much do they cost?  2s and 4s leagues are $180 for the session, 6s are $280. Ref fees for 4s and 6s matches are $10/match.

3: What is the format? Teams play three sets to 21 points, cap. All three are counted toward the team’s overall won/loss record.

4: When are the game times? Matches are at 6,7,8,9. Tuesdays and Thursdays will have 10pm matches.

5: Are matches ever cancelled due to weather?  We play in rain, snow, sleet, fog, and sun! We may delay by half an hour if there is lightning, but we play through the rain. If there is ever a change, captains will be notified. Please do NOT call the restaurant with questions about weather! We will post on FB and get the word out.

6: Does everyone make playoffs? We try to take as many teams as possible for playoffs. The number of teams is determined by the court space we have available, so each league is different. Playoff information and brackets are emailed to captains after the league play is completed.

7: What are the levels of play? For tournaments, we have all levels from our popular AVP Next Open, to fundraisers that take all levels. Leagues vary from Novice 2s – beginners who want to improve quickly, to Advanced 2s – the players who have high level skills. We separated out levels into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze to help match competition levels. Recreation Gold and Silver are for fun, very few ball handling violations are called. Bronze is the lowest level, Platinum is the highest.

8: Where can I find out standings? Our new website is easy to manipulate, and you’ll be able to see your scores after we enter them. Refs are responsible for submitting scores after their matches. For 2s, players must report their scores after their match either by email, text or FB message.

9: Playoff Teams If you play on more than one team, you will have to decide which team is your playoff team. Players may play on only one team for playoffs. Teams are not allowed to bring in new subs for playoffs.

10: How many females needed on coed teams? For Rec 6s, at least two females must be on the court at all times. 6s teams may play with no fewer than 5 players. For Coed 4s leagues, at least one female must be on the court at all times. 4s teams may play with no fewer than 3 players. Teams may be comprised of more women, the above listed is the minimum.

11. Good Sportsmanship Conduct If a higher level player is playing on a recreation level team, they will have to play as a team player – no jump serves allowed in 6s, no hard swings or passing ball over on first hit, and serves must be softer. Swearing is not tolerated, and good sportsmanship is emphasized.

12. What is Shark Camp? Great for individuals or teams. Shark Camp is taught by local volleyball athletes and covers all beach skills to help you improve your game.

13. What is offered with the Juniors Programs? We will be expanding our Juniors programs with more tournaments, opportunities to play, and week day camps. High School leagues 4s are offered on Fridays, with 18U and 15U. Junior 2s offered on Mondays, with a discounted rate. “Juniors” is the term that clubs, tournaments, and leagues call 18U, 16U, 14U and 12U age group.

14. What if I am having difficulty registering?  Contact via email at  TheBeachAtSharkeys@gmail.com    We will reply as quickly as we can, and assist you. Please note that many business computers will block scripts, so you may have to register via your home computer or smartphone.