Sharkey’s Fundraisers

The following information pertains to non-profit organizations or individuals that are in personal need as determined by Sharkey’s.

  • Price will be $10 per person based upon the number of tickets sold, regardless if people decide not to eat. The $10 fee is used to cover the cost of restaurant rental, food cost and preparation, staff hourly wages, linens, etc.
  • Gratuity for the staff is not included, not required, but appreciated.
  • Food will include pizza, pasta and salad.
  • The food will be available for a 2 hour period to be determined by the customer.
  • One trip through the buffet line per person. People will be allowed to go through a second time once every has eaten and based upon any remaining food.
  • No outside food will be allowed at the events without consent of Sharkey’s management.
  • The event will run for a 4 hour period.
  • Live music and DJ are allowed, but will be supplied by the customer. A DJ booth is available, so the DJ would not need to bring speakers, just a laptop.
  • Sharkey’s will always donate something for the prize table, to be determined by Sharkey’s management.
  • Sharkey’s is willing to help promote and advertise events as needed.
  • The customer understands that the driving force to having a successful event comes from the efforts of friends, family and members of the organization.
  • Ideas for raising revenue include: tickets for the event, 50/50 raffle tickets, raffle tickets for gift basket, donations and volunteer help.