Join us on the patio, from a safe
distance of course, while you wait
for your take-out food.


Artisan 10-inch Pizza- Cheese, pepperoni or sausage 10.79
Love Me Tenders with Sharkey fries & bbq sauce 10.79
Famous Chicken Stingray with Sharkey fries 11.79
“I Like My Chicken Fried” 3 Chicken Sliders & Sharkey fries 10.99
Pretzel Sticks and queso 8.29
“Philly On My Mind” Cheesesteak with peppers, onions and
melted cheese, served with Sharkey fries 11.29
Fried Cheese Curds with salsa ranch dressing 8.29
Loaded Nachos 11.99 add steak or chicken for 3.99
Chicken or Beef Quesadilla served with Sharkey fries 11.99
Fried Coconut Shrimp sweet & spicy sauce, Sharkey fries 10.99
Sunny Days Alcohol:
Reminder: All alcohol purchases must be accompanied by food
32oz Rum Bucket $11
32oz Margarita $11
8 Packs of Bud, Bud Lt and Michelob Ultra $11
Lotta Bottles @ Sharkey’s Cost
Margarita Kit $52 includes Grey Goose $44 Kilbeggen Irish Whiskey $23
1 liter Cazadores Tequila Jim Beam Black $29 Cruzan Rum $14
1 liter Triple Sec Basll Hayden Dark Rye $32
and all the fixings! Any Drink made to order!

Call 315.214.4116
Please Order and pay by phone from 3pm-7pm for a pickup between 4pm-7pm.
Grab a drink and wait for your food out on the patio – socially distanced