Sharkey’s Rules for Social Distancing-Phase 4*-Plus More

We are excited to be open and we want to remain open for everyone to enjoy Sharkey's. We strictly enforce all NYS and Onondaga County mandated guidelines on social distancing. Our outdoor space is very large, and we have plenty of outdoor seating with the tables appropriately distanced. As of July 17, 2020, patrons may not order directly from the bar. Sharkey’s is sending more servers and bartenders to the tables to help you with your orders. We have low-cost meal items available as well as a great Sharkey’s menu for you to choose from. All of Sharkey's Staff wear masks or face shields for your protection. All patrons must wear a mask when they enter the restaurant. All patrons must wear masks walking in and out of the events. Masks can be removed to enjoy your food and or beverage once you are seated at your table. If you do not think that you can adhere to these basic guidelines, then please wait to return to Sharkey’s until after restrictions are relaxed. Your cooperation on keeping everyone safe is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Sharkeys Management